White.Inc values work and life balance.

White.Inc believes in creating a work environment that prioritizes work-life balance. It is important for the work environment to be fun & flexible and a career path that supports a 21st century lifestyle. With both work and life satisfaction, every team member will be able to fully utilize their potential.

Work Culture.


  • We ensure knowledge and information flow at a pace that greatly improves all aspects of the business.
  • Agility is identified in the way our team works, offices are organized and brainstorming sessions are carried out to enhance the creative side of the team members.
  • We identify and eliminate the time-consuming processes and actions that slow down work and yield no benefit in return.


  • Freedom and respect for each individual’s own identity
  • What makes you unique — what cannot be found anywhere else 
  • Passion is the reason work doesn’t always feel like work and why the long hours feel worth it. 
  • Every team member is acknowledged for their work and accomplishments

Making connections

  • Making connections with your team members is the only way to know when there is something distracting them from performing at their best
  • Making connections is the only way you will learn what your team needs to be fully present and putting in 100% every minute they are on the work.
  • We take the time to learn about our employees and build relationships.

Pleasant Work Environment

  • Work environment helps us to build a solid work culture
  • An environment that helps creativity thrive
  • Employee loyalty program to get White.Inc products

Qualities We Are Looking For.


Thrive in Ambiguity


Fearless Through Failure

A Proactive Attitude

Desire to Learn



Risk-taking Appetite


Recruitment Process

Our success is due to the challenges and efforts of all professionals.

Job Application

Please provide your name, contact information, e-mail address, etc. accurately when applying for the job position.

Application Screening

A notice to schedule an interview will be sent to selected applicants.

First Interview

First interview will be conducted by representatives of the respective department.

Second Interview

The Second interview will be conducted by a senior leader of our team.


The result of the final interview will be announced to successful applicants.