Creator & Operator of Digitally Native Vertical Brands

White.Inc is a digitally-native consumer product holding company building a family of crave-worthy brands for a new generation of Indian consumers.

Based in ​Bangalore, ​White.Inc ​is powered by a technology-enabled growth infrastructure that spans supply chain, marketing and sales, all designed to rapidly develop, launch and scale modern consumer product brands​ in the DTC space. ​

We are pioneers in DTC business

We believe in the direct-to-consumer model (DTC) and we’re defining how the industry works since 2015.


DTC Trends

Increased profitability of DTC means more competition and costs to acquire customers will continue to increase.

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White.Inc Community

We unite shoppers around shared values to form a community of like-minded individuals

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We Value Work & Life Balance

Our success is due to the challenges and efforts of every single member in the team.

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